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Low budget movies don't need to be bad. They can be beautiful, breathtaking, and brilliant!

Regardless of whether you're a professional or novice film-maker, this is your chance to show that you don't need a million dollars to make an engaging film.

A B-movie is a low-budget motion picture. It's simply a category of less-publicized and lesser known movie. They can display a high degree of craft and aesthetic ingenuity, but they're produced inexpensively. With your help, we can return to the day when you don't need to be a millionaire to produce a great film.

From serious to silly, the options for B-movie content are endless.

Second Annual Independent Film Contest

Some of our best-known film-makers started out making low-budget movies in their own backyards. You could be the next Steven Spielberg or George Lucas!

BIFF will hold its second annual Independent Film Contest this year. This year's theme is DOOMSDAY:2012. Entries must be 10 minutes or less. The deadline is July 1, 2012. More details can be found below. Both professional and novice filmmakers are encouraged to enter.

BIFF-IFC Application

Complete the online application form including the following information:

When you're ready to submit your film online, you have two choices:

  1. Create a free DropBox account, upload your file, and contact Annette Lamb at BIFF for sharing information.
  2. Upload your film to an open sharing site such as YouTube and email Annette Lamb at BIFF the web address.
  3. Create a DVD and submit by traditional mail. See the FAQs below for the address.

BIFF-IFC Guidelines

Is there an application or submission fee?
No, there is no fee for participation in this contest.

What's the deadline?
The submission period for this year is May 1 through July 1, 2012.
All filmmakers will be notified about the status of their film by July 15, 2012.

Are there categories I need to consider?
At this point, no formal categories have been established. Comedy, documentary, horror, sci-fi, drama, animation, or music video are just a few of the options. The only requirement is that the film address the theme.

Are there any restrictions in content?
The film must be comparable to PG-13 guidelines, however the committee will make the final decision on whether the film will be screened. In general, this means the film should not contain nudity of any kind, excessive violence, or foul profanity.

Is there a specific length?
Films must be ten minutes or less.

Will all the films be shown at the festival?
Selected films will be shown Saturday July 21, 2012 during BIFF. The total number will depend on the number of submissions. You will be notified in advance if your film has been selected for the showing. Filmmakers attending the festival are responsible for their own travel, lodging, and all other expenses.

Do I need to pay for admission to the festival if I want to see my film?
If your film is selected for the Saturday evening showing you will receive free admission to that event. However if you wish to participate in other paid BIFF events, you will need to purchase a BIFF pass.

When will winners be announced?
Awards will be announced during the Saturday night party following the screenings. An Awards Certificate will be given to all participants (the submitter on the film application) including the winners. Some awards include prizes.

Are there eligibility requirements?
All entrants must certify that they have been given full rights to use any and all images and music in their films. Filmmakers are also responsible for photo releases associated with actors and other persons in their films.

Can I release my film theatrically, on television, or on YouTube prior to the Festival?
Previous screenings in theatres, on television, or on YouTube are OK.

In what format, should I send my submission?
We request that your film be submitted as an .DV, .MOV, or MPEG4. However if you are working in film, 35mm is also acceptable.

What is the shipping address if I wish to submit by DVD?
Please test of your DVD on a stand-alone DVD player before sending it to our offices. This DVD will not be returned to you. All entries must be shipped prepaid.

Mail your DVD to:
Wayne Theatre
11 East Main
Bicknell, UT 84715-0318

Do you consider requests for deadline extensions?
Possibly. Please contact us if you need an extension.

What is in it for filmmakers who submit?
If you've made a brilliant, low-budget film that you'd like the world to see, this is your chance!

How will the films be judged?
Award winners will be selected by a panel of judges including both film industry professionals and movie buffs. All films go through a screening process and are viewing by all members of the selection committee.

Do the filmmakers have other responsibilities?
Winners agree to participate in the publicity for the Festival as well as other promotional events, including the website.

Is there a disclaimer?
Yes. All stated information, eligibility and submission guidelines, terms, conditions of entry, and entry information is subject to change by the BIFF committee, without notice.

Where can I find up-to-date information?
Check this webpage or the BIFF Facebook page.


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