2011 Saturday Evening Program

The grande finale began at 6:30 P.M. in the Wayne Theatre.

A video introduction called THE VILLIAN VAULT and a TRIBUTE TO REAL HEROES was show. This short film explores villains in superhero movies. It also contains a short audio excepts from documentary. Finally, it explores real-world heroes including folk heroes, heroes around the world, and heroes among us. Watch it on YouTube.

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Tory Davis presented two Wayne Awards. First, to Mary Sorenson and family for her long-time support of BIFF and hard work in concessions. Second, to Rezn Torrey for bringing the BIFFman alive and his enthusiastic support of BIFF.

Tory Davis introduced the BIFF First Independent Film Festival by announcing that there were no entries this year. However encouraged people to submit next year. Anyone can be a filmmaker! The first annual BIFF (Bicknell International Film Festival) Independent Film Contest encouraged participants to create movies for 2012. The film included excerpts from the early work of well-known film makers. The Adventures of BIFFman was created as a model for what can be done with a $100 camera and free software. Video from the making of BIFFman and bloopers were included. Learn more...

A video called ANYONE CAN BE A FILM MAKER was shown. Watch it on YouTube.


The audience participated in a trivia contest, the raffle drawing was held, and FLASH GORDON (1980) Countdown was shown. Watch it on YouTube.


Flash GordonFlash Gordon is a 1980 science fiction film based on a comic book hero. It's campy style and music by the rock band Queen have made it a classic. From the outlandish costumes and corny lines to the evil laughs and silly subplots, Flash Gordon is the perfect "ordinary man becomes superhero" story.

Emperor Ming the Merciless is planning to destroy the Earth. New York Jets football star Flash Gordon along with travel journalist Dale Arden are accidently launched into space along with scientist Dr. Hans Zarkov. Flash must rescue the women and save the universe. You don't want to miss the silly 21 bird salute or mysterious power ring conclusion.

The BIFF "It's a Wrap Party" was held at Chillz in downtown Torrey this year. The Main Street Revelators will provide entertainment. This electric blues band played a wide variety of music. A costume contest was held and the 2012 Doomsday theme was announced. Everyone was encouraged to purchase a FASTPASS early next year.

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