2011 Afternoon Program

BIFFers gathered at 2:00 P.M. for the Wayne Theatre, the second film festival program began.

A video introduction called SUPERHEROES THROUGH TIME kicked off the afternoon's entertainment. This short film traces the history of superheroes in serials, television, and film. It also examines B-movie superhero films from the 1960s through 2000s. Watch it on YouTube.


Superman and the Mole-Men is a great example of a Superman serial. Rather than watching the entire film, we made a 6 minutes version to show. Watch on YouTube.


Door prizes were awarded, a trivia contest was held, sponsored thanked, and CAPTAIN AMERICA (1990) Countdown was shown. The film was shown "pop-up video" style with a second screen showing photos and speech bubbles to complement the movie. Watch it on YouTube.


Captain AmericaCaptain America was originally scheduled to be released on the 50th anniversary of the Captain America comic in 1990. However it was only shown in a few theaters during the next couple years then seemed to disappear.

Riding a bizarre line between serious and silly, the storyline features an ordinary soldier who is turned in Captain America as part of a top secret military operation. Although the story begins during World War II, Captain America becomes frozen and doesn't thaw out until 1990. Although our superhero is confused by the Japanese cars, strange clothes, and VCRs, he is committed to saving the President of the United States from a goofy Italian villain known as Red Skull that dislikes the environment for some unknown reason.

From bad accents to awful special effects, this feature keeps audiences on the edge of their seats looking for the next bad line of dialog and the next appearance of a Christmas Story cast member. Entertainment Weekly called it "just all wrong"... what more do you need for a fun afternoon of entertainment?

Participants were encouraged to enjoy the Wayne County Farmer's Market at the Robber's Roost Bookstore between 4 and 6PM.

Enjoy a YouTube slide show. Or, explore photos at Facebook.


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