2011 Parade

The world's fastest parade (55 miles per hour) began the festivities on Friday evening at Chillz in Torrey. This year's theme was "Superheroes."

BIFFers began the pre-party at Chillz around 4:30. While some superheroes enjoyed ice cream and air conditioning inside Chillz, others gathered outside to photograph each other's costumes. Face painting was available for those wanting to get into the spirit of BIFF.

Many participants dressed up themselves and/or their vehicle with favorite superhero themed attire and lined up in front of Chillz at 5:30 P.M. Led by Bart Albrecht's Ghostbustermobile, the parade began at 6 P.M. in Torrey and ended at the Wayne Theatre in Bicknell about ten minutes later.

Enjoy a YouTube slide show. Or, explore parade photos from Facebook.


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