201: Friday Evening Program & Party

Enjoy a YouTube slide show of the program set-up. Or, explore photos from the BIFF 2010 Program at Facebook.

The program began with the Boy Scout Troup 584 Color Guard presenting the flag and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

A video introduction called MEET THE ALIENS kicked off the evening's entertainment. Watch it on YouTube. The audio was changed to meet copyright restrictions.

A welcome was provided by the new emcees, Beldar and Prymaat Conehead (also known as Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson).

Welcome to the 15th Annual Bicknell International Film Festival. We have come to enjoy moving visual entertainment of the extra-terrestrial kind. We have purchased mass quantities of tiny exploding corn. We will be consuming mass quantities of liquid happiness during the parties tonight and tomorrow night.

After noting that the Coneheads come from Remulak (that's in France), participants shared their home planets (towns). What followed was the largest costume contest in BIFF history with three amazing winners.

Some Earthlings have chosen to emulate the attire of extra-terrestrials. Please line up do you can be identified and praised by your peers.

Door prizes were awarded, the sponsors thanked, and the history of BIFF reviewed.

The Giant ClawFriday Night Feature - The Giant Claw

What can we say; it’s a film about a big bird?

Written by Paul Gangelin and Samuel Newman
Produced by Sam Katzman
Directed by Fred Sears

Former actor and vaudevillean dancer, Sears’ was a prolific director of the fifties between 1949 to 1957 he made a total of 54 films including lots of westerns, but he also branched out to other genres including adventure, war, crime, science fiction, and a couple of musicals: Rock Around the Clock (1956), Don’t Knock the Rock (1956), and Cha-Cha-Cha Boom! (1956).

1957 - In addition to our feature production, Sears directed  (1) Utah Blaine, (2) The Night the World Exploded, (3) Calypso Heat Wave, another musical production that cast Maya Angelou in her first screen role (playing herself), and (4) Escape from San Quentin.

Some of his other most interesting films include Teen-Age Crime Wave (1955 – group of maurading teenages terrorize rural family), The Werewolf (1956), Fury at Gunsight Pass (1956, a bizarre western), and Earth vs. the Flying Saucers (1956) - - probably his most well-known film.

Sears was known for his production speed and prolific work drive. In 1943 while the resident director of the Little Theater and on the faculty of Southwestern University in Memphis (now Rhodes College), he attempted suicide with overdose of sleeping pills. Then, in Nov. 30th 1957, 44 year old Sears died of massive cerebral hemorrhage. He left eight feature films in production that were completed and released after his death.

Giant Claw begins with Mitch MacAfee (played by Jeff Morrow) your all-round good guy - - electronics engineer, sniper, ornithologist, physics wiz, test pilot, and might I say also a bit of a ladies man - -  flying a jet plane to help calibrate a radar system - - when he spots an unidentified flying object.

None of the actors knew what the monster looked like until the film's premiere. Morrow himself first saw the film in his hometown and hearing the audience's reaction - - he left the theater early, embarrassed that someone there might recognize him.

To learn more, click The Giant Claw.

Watch the GIANT CLAW COUNTDOWN video at YouTube.

After the Friday Night program, participants enjoyed the "Party of the Stars" held at the Cafe Diablo west of Torrey. The party included food, drink, and live entertainment. Musical favorites, the Sister Wives were OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Explore photos from the BIFF 2010 Party of the Stars at Facebook.

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